Afternoon Adventures: Munsu Folk Village

We were lucky enough to have an afternoon to spare during summer classes and not wanting to waste the sunshine (and unexpected free time) we decided to take our bikes out and go exploring. We’d often seen a brown sign for Munsu folk village and never given it much thought, but today we decided to give it our full attention. We headed out, with water bottles full to the brim to combat the disgustingly, high summer humidity, at full speed. Our enthusiasm served us well to begin with as we flew along the riverside and country roads, we even took on a couple of decent hills and managed to keep our pace up. Our bikes do have gears but more often than not they don’t work and this was one of those days so our ascent was even more impressive. I would say it all went wrong when we stopped at a tiny shop for a pit stop, after this there was no speeding up hills for us. Embarassingly we were overtaken by a man on a mobility scooter and only just managed to stay ahead of some eratically driven, crawling farm machinery. I like to blame it on the bikes/fizzy drinks/humidity and so on, but deep down I know it was more to do with laziness kicking in.

Taking a breather from the humidity/bring lazy.

Luckily for us the last stretch towards the village was a beast of a downhill and we soared in like champions. I’d like to give a shout out at this point to the scenery, the farms were ever so pretty and made for a lovely bike ride. Both of us were more interested in the bike ride than the village itself when we set out but when we crossed the bridge into the village that changed a little bit. We’ve been to plenty of historical sights since moving to Korea and thought it would be, ‘just another Korean folk village,’ but we stand corrected. This one was a bit different, it was not just another tourist spot but a living, breathing village full of life. It was nice to see the village in action, and it was honestly just a really pretty setting by the river. The river also had a very cool, little bridge which gave the village a lot of bonus points.


Remember that epic downhill on the way there? Well, that was just as unenjoyable as it was enjoyable on the way back. They always seem so much bigger on the way up than on the way down and by the time we made it back up we were racing back home before nightfall. All in all, an afternoon off very well spent.

Also, we saw this sign and didn’t know whether to be terrified or amused, I find the illustration to be overly descriptive.


Should you be in the area and want to visit this lovely, little village by bike or by bus here’s some info.


About Happily Lost

A travel junkie working as an English teacher in South Korea.
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