Do you belly dance for Christmas?

Teaching English in Korea is never boring. Sometimes the desk time can be a little tedious but the teaching part is anything but dull. My students are always non-stop entertainment but there are some moments that really stand out above the rest in terms of comedy value. Today, I had one of those moments with a group of second grade students. Five or six girls lingered after class and shyly made their way to the front, giggling and egging one another on. Already bemused by their routine, I asked them if I could help them with something. First they asked me if I could belly dance using a range of hilarious dance moves to illustrate where English words had failed them. Eventually I caught on and to their great disappointment I informed them, I could not. They went on to ask if I could teach them how. Again, I told them I didn’t know how to but perhaps they could look online and teach themselves or something. It still wasn’t good enough and they were starting to get frustrated, ‘No teacher, UK people can belly dance. Always Christmas belly dance.’ I’m not sure when this tradition began back home but it must have been fairly recent because I’ve only been out of the country for 18 months. They proceeded to show me something akin to Father Christmas rubbing his large belly while moving their hips from side to side. As far as I’m aware it wasn’t belly dancing or a festive British tradition but, it was flipping hilarious.


About Happily Lost

A travel junkie working as an English teacher in South Korea.
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