The Day of the Bread Roll Epidemic.

There must be a shortage of bread rolls in Korea. I haven’t seen anything in the news and the bakeries seem fully stocked but there must be a shortage. There could be a rationing system in place that I wasn’t aware of, if so, I need to work on getting hold of a ration book. What else could explain the stringent distribution of bread in Seoul?

An afternoon in Seoul with my father, who was visiting Asia on business, found us stopping for lunch in a lovely outdoor cafe/restaurant. The sun was shining, the company couldn’t have been better and the people watching potential from our table was second to none. All in all, it was a great lunch spot. The selection of sandwiches and salads on the menu was perfect for a light lunch and we happily ordered what we wanted. The waiter was very pleasant, he spoke very little English but that didn’t matter. Drinks were no problem. But attempting to order an extra bread roll was not as straight forward. My father, understandably could not understand why he couldn’t order bread and pay extra. After all, it is common practice in the UK. So he kept trying. He eventually gave up, somewhat exasperated. We, however looked and one another and laughed because of course, we are in Korea.

In Korea, people work hard. They take pride in making your hamburger or salad and they will follow the specification carefully. So carefully, that modifications are,

“not possible.”

I’ve lost count of the number of times I have heard this little phrase.

So, my father’s garden salad arrived minus a bread roll while my chicken salad came with one, as promised on the menu. We shared the bread but it didn’t end the confusion. If you should ever end up in a similar situation, remember, if it’s not listed on the menu, it just might not be possible.


(The food was fantastic by the way, bread roll or no bread roll.)


About Happily Lost

A travel junkie working as an English teacher in South Korea.
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2 Responses to The Day of the Bread Roll Epidemic.

  1. Seb says:

    It’s like when you try to order something with out something like a pizza without onion here, it confuses everyone and your pizza still comes with onions. Funny post, its so true. One of the funnier things about living in Korea, love it.

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