The Day of the Vegetable Exchange

After a busy morning of non stop classes, I was in need of a energy boost and I most certainly got one. I walked into what I thought was the office and instead found a full blown market. There was incessant chatter, cabbages changing hands and abundant bargaining. It took me a minute to take in the scene and realise that I didn’t want to miss out. On my desk, as if by magic, was a very large bag of muddy carrots. I glanced around the room and eyed one teacher with an equally large bag of potatoes in her right hand. She was trying to exchange them for a pumpkin and failing. While she was down, I jumped in and offered my carrots to her.  It was a good deal for us both. Since moving to Korea, my rice intake has sky-rocketed out of my control and potatoes not only remind me of home, they also mix up my diet. Once I had the potatoes in my hands, I sat down to watch the final deals take place.

With the commotion over I was able to find out what had just happened. It turned out a student’s grateful parents had delivered a pallet of vegetables for the teachers. The random distribution was a stroke of genius by the administative assistants, they were able to share out the gifts and take a step back. Teachers battled it out with one another to get the vegetables they wanted. It was about that time that I walked into the office. When it was all over, I looked around at the contents of everyone’s bags and at their happy faces. It was all sorted out, everyone had goodies to take home and I had had the most entertaining lunch break of the year so far. Thank you to those generous parents who provided such comedy (and the potatoes).


About Happily Lost

A travel junkie working as an English teacher in South Korea.
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2 Responses to The Day of the Vegetable Exchange

  1. Seb says:

    What? No asparagus up for auction?!

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