The Days of Traffic Light Angst.

Yes, I do mean days. Almost all days. Between the two of us, we encounter a ridiculous number of pedestrian crossings each and every day. We have found that being on a bicycle can add to the frustrations experienced when waiting for the lights to change. You are zooming along one minute, the world is whizzing by and you have overtaken at least twelve whole people and then you reach a set of lights. There is not method to the madness in my humble opinion even though it has been explained to me several times. Whatever they say, it does not excuse the slow, slow, slow light changing process in Korea. The people that were so much fun to overtake always catch you up while you wait for the lights to change and you feel like an utter moron for having rushed in the first place. Now, I know traffic lights and pedestrian crossings can take a while to change anywhere in the world but I truly believe they are slower in Korea.

We took a trip to Tokyo, Japan a few months ago and crossing the roads was like a dream come true, it was painfree and never took more than 30 seconds. If I was going to start a campaign for anything right now, this might be it. If the lights changed just little more efficiently I could spend an extra ten minutes in bed every morning, be home after work ten minutes earlier and make it to the supermarket before you could say ‘traffic light.’ How good would that be?

I’ll make some banners.

This one gets me every time. It's a sneaky one.


About Happily Lost

A travel junkie working as an English teacher in South Korea.
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