The Day of the Road Trip.

In our nine months in Korea we have spent most weekends exploring. We have travelled in every direction, we have hiked, biked and visited a wealth of places. This also means we have spent hours and hours, sometimes whole days on buses. Bus travel in Korea is exceptionally good value, much more spacious than buses in the UK and connects all the dots. The buses really do take you anywhere and everywhere, that being said, it is still a bus. Buses moan, groan and throw you around every bit of the way. Sleeping on buses is one of my specialities. I am very good at it and yet I still haven’t mastered waking up without a terrible neck ache.

We decided it was time for a treat and hired a car (once again, I say we, I mean he. Another thing I have yet to master is driving). Having been in Korea for the best part of a year and seen a decent amount of the country, driving would enable us to get off the beaten track and explore, instead of going only where the bus drops you.

I couldn’t have been happier, sat in the comfort of my passenger seat. The driver however had to adjust to driving in a new country, new laws and some different driving methods. Faced with the challenges of the Korean road, he was a champion. When turnings appeared out of nowhere, parking spaces shrunk before our eyes and traffic lights were out of action after 6pm, he triumphed. Not only that, we were able to see so much more in three days by car than we could have done in a week by bus. And we still took our time.

Our first road trip was a success. That leaves me with two options a). learn to drive or more realistically b). convince my trusty driver to take the wheel again. Let’s hope he says yes. In the meantime, the bus will have to do.

Raring To Go


About Happily Lost

A travel junkie working as an English teacher in South Korea.
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1 Response to The Day of the Road Trip.

  1. Ames says:

    Is it not crazy on the roads?

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