The Day of the Photoshoot

I am 5ft 3″ and most definitely not a size zero but I am still a model. Anna Wintour would be livid, I have defied all of Vogue’s criteria. My runway is carpeted with leaves and my clothes are less high fashion, more, girl next door but I am still a model. There are 372 photographs sitting in my email inbox to prove it.

They were taken by two of my good Korean friends. We went to a nearby temple to go what I affectionately like to call ‘leaf watching.’ Since mid October, leaf watching has easily become the most popular pastime for all leaf lovers. Autumn’s colourful blanket covers the landscape and it is beautiful, and much more worthy of being photographed than me. My friends appeared to disagree, with cameras in hand, every time I moved, they made sure to document it. At first it was pretty funny, then I began to empathise with film stars doing the weekly food shop or boarding a train and walking into a camera lens. Having your every move captured on camera is frustrating especially when I only look passable in 3 out of the hundreds. Really, in some of them, I resemble a character from a horror movie. I looked around and noticed all the other leaf watchers were doing the same thing, I was not the only model at this temple. Koreans love their cameras and they were on top form, snapping away.

I put my foot down and imposed a camera ban. It worked miracles, the leaves in their oranges, yellows and reds outshone any picture of the back of my head. The rest of the afternoon was fabulous. I will make sure to update my CV though, I can now honestly say, ‘I’m a part time model.’



About Happily Lost

A travel junkie working as an English teacher in South Korea.
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2 Responses to The Day of the Photoshoot

  1. Steve says:

    Some of these photos of you are really funny, as ever I love reading your blog. So gald you are having a great time!

  2. Ames says:

    ‘You could be a part time model…’ Flight of the Concordes moment came to mind!

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