The Day of the Communal Nap.

It is widely accepted that babies, young people and old people need a nap in the afternoon. Nap time is important, particularly in Korea. I want to clarify in the beginning that I am not moaning, I am baffled. One day at school after lunch I went to the rest room, nothing unusual there. The rest of my colleagues went back up to the office. I joined them no more than five minutes later.  Something had changed.

The lights were off. The blinds were down. Computer monitors had been switched off. There was complete and utter silence. My squeaky shoes were about to give me away, I had to go in. Not one, not two but all six of the teachers I share an office with, were out for the count. They were lying right back in their chairs getting a little shut eye. I sat down at my desk, trying to be as quiet as possible for all of ten seconds and then made a run for it. There was no way I could keep a straight face let alone take a kip. I leaped down four flights of stairs and made for the safety of my English classroom, I couldn’t hold it in anymore and I howled with laughter. (Perhaps napping is actually more sane than my crazed reaction now I think about it.) The next time I braved entering the office, it was business as usual. I was left wondering if it had even happened.

Perhaps mandatory rest hour should make it’s way into the average working day. We could all use a little rest. I’ll write a letter to the prime minister, he’ll definitely push it through.


About Happily Lost

A travel junkie working as an English teacher in South Korea.
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