The Day of the Toilet Roll Takeover.

Nationwide, Korea bows down to a simple, everyday item. The toilet roll. It can do almost anything. So put one in your handbag, on your desk at work, on your dining table, in your car and prepare several as gifts. I was unaware toilet roll would become indispensible for my daily life outside of the restroom, but it has. I cannot live without it.

What would I do when I dribble kimchi soup down my chin in a restaurant without a handy toilet roll on a bungee cord hanging above my head to save the day?

What would I do when I can’t manage to eat all of my lunch and need to take that last rice cake back to the office without a handbag full of toilet roll to wrap it in?

And most importantly, what would I do without a toilet roll in my desk drawer to give to a worrying amount of students, who encounter nose bleeds and epic runny noses during class?

Korea’s love affair with the toilet roll is in no danger of ending. Frankly, toilet roll is vital for surviving the day. There is one small glitch in the toilet roll takeover. Owing to it’s overwhelming popularity in other areas, toilet roll is often MIA in the toilets. Now, I know it must be difficult to deal with fame on this scale, but really, this is where you are needed the most. Don’t forget your roots, your origins that brought you to this status.

Toilet roll, just like Rhianna, you need to keep it real (and make yourself available in all bathroom facilities please.)


About Happily Lost

A travel junkie working as an English teacher in South Korea.
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