The Day We Blamed it on the Weatherman

I admit using a B*Witched reference to title this post is rash. As far as songs go the 1998 ‘smash hit’ was disappointing lyrically and musically, however I cannot think of a song that sums up this particular day any better. Imagine you are on your summer holidays. You have traveled to the South West of Korea and you are sat on the beach drenched by the sun’s glorious rays, enjoying an ice cream. Just magical, I know. As the sun goes down, you packed up your beach gear and went out for dinner. A large frying pan full to the brim of fish soup arrived at your table. Delicious, painfully spicy, bone infested fish soup eaten overlooking the calm bay. The sun sets and you indulged in a beverage or two on the beach as you dodged thousands of cheap fireworks that revelers set off into the night sky. Imagine how exciting it would be as the fireworks got closer and closer as they spiraled in every direction, what a buzz. You had a good nights sleep on the floor of an angry man’s pension and you walked outside towards the beach. Now imagine if you will, that everything changed.

The Calm Before the Storm

The weather wasn’t quite what we had hoped for, after several cloud free days, they had returned with a vengeance. The wind had picked up and it began to drizzle. The drizzle turned into torrential rain and the wind transformed into a full blown gale. As the weather worsened, we took a turbulent bus ride down the mountain from the plantation we had been visiting and made the decision to take refuge in a large, nearby hotel. The problem was that the hotel was a good 300 metres away and the weather was not easing up. So we ran. We ran in the rain and the mud without any waterproofs. Umbrellas were not an option in the face burning gusts. As we walked through the hotel doors we attacted an abnormal level of attention, our drenched clothes and windswept appearance only added to our obvious ‘foreign-ness.’

Post Rain Wind.

For an hour or two we sat in our soaking wet clothes and stared out of the window as the weather got progressively worse. The decision was made. We made a run for it. Out of the hotel. Down the river-like road into the wind. Into our pension. We got soaked again, changed into dry clothes and headed for a chicken restaurant that seemed close. No surprises that we got wet again but did get to eat chicken in the dry. It should have been the worst day ever but honestly, the day we were caught up in a tropical storm was one of the best. It was pure comedy. And it helped that by the next morning, the sky had cleared and the beach was calling.


About Happily Lost

A travel junkie working as an English teacher in South Korea.
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1 Response to The Day We Blamed it on the Weatherman

  1. Steve says:

    And I thought the weather was bad in blighty!

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