The Day The Ocean Called.

What you can’t see from this photograph is exactly how many people are actually in the sea. There are a lot. More than a lot. Hundreds, thousands perhaps. All floating in matching, bright yellow rubber rings less than 50 metres out to sea. You can’t see the hordes because the weather is atrocious. A cloudy day can make for great swimming. A sunny day is preferred but clouds are tolerated. A level of fog that results in an ‘invisible sea’, does not make for good swimming. It was also quite chilly.

Aside from the eternal optimism that all holiday makers, worldwide develop once they depart for their trip, these swimmers had another notion. It was swimming season in Korea. Swimming season takes place in July and August, no sooner and no later according to these hardy individuals. During this time, they will swim/float and they will enjoy it.

Such a situation was highly unsafe and required the attention of an unfathomable amount of wetsuit clad lifeguards to manage the situation. These angels of the seaside enjoyed racing their rescue-mobiles up and down the beach in between patrols, through the bathers. That was just for fun though, safety was, of course, paramount. (Unless they were about to win first place of the beach-mobile rally, that is.)

Swimming (Photo courtesy of J.Hulin.)

It should be noted that an hour later, it was impossible to see the tent in the forefront of this shot. It really was that foggy.


About Happily Lost

A travel junkie working as an English teacher in South Korea.
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2 Responses to The Day The Ocean Called.

  1. Jackie says:

    I think its great. When on holiday, don’t let the weather stop your fun. All the best, Jackie

  2. Happily Lost says:

    Thanks Jackie, hope you’re well!

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