The Day Men Failed to Impress.

The realisation that bad chat up lines are universal was priceless. This discovery was made one evening in Daechon beach on the West coast of Korea. A friend and I had just finished dinner and walked along the beach to an outdoor bar for a drink. In reality we have visited enough different countries to know better; of course every country is full to the brim of atrocious chat up lines that make you cringe over and over again. Why would Korea be any different?

We ordered a cocktail from the most confident man in Korea and got as comfortable as one can on plastic furniture. It couldn’t be better, we were on holiday and relaxed. There was just one problem, our drink making friend was not interested in our relaxation. He was concerned with performing choreographed dance routines with his friend and setting us up with ramdom passers by. The dancing was actually highly entertaining, they had clearly been practicing, a lot. The matchmaking was less appreciated. A group of men were introduced to us and sat at our little, plastic table. We had absolutely no interest in the first place but it certainly didn’t help their case when they claimed to work as a boxer, a dancer, a singer and a tennis coach- all at a professional level. Why do men insist on telling these lies? And the stories got worse. To add insult to injury their level of English was low and conversation was extremely limited.

After knocking back our drinks, we made a run for it. This did not go down well. Two men stormed off, the others tried to tempt us with promises of soju in another bar. Funnily enough, this didn’t convince us and we made our move. It was never going to be a good start when the first thing they asked was for us to to rank their ‘handsomeness’ from the best looking to the ‘most ugly.’ Awkward. Thankfully, the noraebang (singing room) made for a wonderful, safe haven.


About Happily Lost

A travel junkie working as an English teacher in South Korea.
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1 Response to The Day Men Failed to Impress.

  1. Jackie says:

    Men will be men!

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