The Day of the Cruise

The weather was looking much better than the day before, we were up early and ready to do some serious sightseeing. We bought our tickets for the ‘Daechon Cruise’ just before a tour bus rolled in. Not thinking much of its arrival we made our way to the boarding dock and tucked into our breakfast. Looking up from our stale pastries, we saw the invasion first hand. The bus was packed full of Korean, senior citizens carrying various walking aids and they were making their way towards the boat. We were able to convey in a quick glance to one another something along the lines of,

Here we go. Yet another poor decision. We always end up in the strangest of situations.

Or something similar.

It was too late now.


We embarked on our two hour boat trip of the area. Initial disappointment as we took our seats and found ourselves inside, gave way to sheer disbelief as an overly made up, traditionally dressed woman began to imitate singing. The echo on the microphone did a fairly, good job of masking her less than dulcet tones, but it was still too audible. While the singing wasn’t our cup of tea, the dancing certainly made up for it. The very same group who were having difficulty walking from the bus to the boat were now on their feet, indulging in generous servings of soju and dancing like they meant it.

Island View

Dried fish and sausages were duly passed around the group along with an obligatory soju top up. Overwhelmed by the rush of activity we went outside, the nearby islands were a great sight and the sea air felt great. After a chance encounter with Korea’s answer to Dolly Parton (whose overly made up face had half melted away since the beginning of her performance) by the toilets we were free to enjoy the views, breeze and peace that being on the water brings.


Coincidentally as the sun showed its face, the party erupted. Dolly was off again and we were dragged into the thick of it. Our new found friends forced cups of soju into our hands and looked distressed when we refused an offer of dried squid. The last thirty minutes of the trip was spent getting sun burned, forcing the soju down and explaining in broken Korean/English that we were definitely not Russian. After a close examination of all of our moles, freckles and arm hair which the old ladies did not like one bit, we were free. The boat docked and we disembarked from the most random boat trip to date. We’ll dine out in it for years though. It was a booze cruise with a difference. It was in Korea.



About Happily Lost

A travel junkie working as an English teacher in South Korea.
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3 Responses to The Day of the Cruise

  1. Steve says:

    Nothing like a booze cruise in Greece then?! Great, funny story. Keep on sharing your stories, its lovely to keep up with your travels. Speak soon

  2. Jackie says:

    Fantastic story!

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