The Day of the Singing Contest

This was hands down both the most random and the most enjoyable day of the year to date. Many of my personal highlights of school life in Korea have taken place outside the classroom. The school singing contest was fantastic. I first found out about the contest when I was forced to ask if I was hearing things and if I should visit a doctor. It turned out the students were simply practicing for the contest and were actually really good. I had been mislead by their usual screaming, shouting and overall noise and was unable to connect the dots and realise it was the very same students singing like angels.

Friday rolled around and it was the day of the contest, my class was written off for last minute practice. For my troubles, I was rewarded with an exclusive, preview performance from 3-2 and they were incredible. 3-2 class won the competition a few hours later so my sneak peek felt even more special.

The whole school trundled in the humidity to the city auditorium, each class was wearing matching outfits. Meanwhile the teachers flew past them in their air conditioned cars. The whole show was choreographed to perfection by the music teacher and all the rest of the teachers had to do was sit back and watch. From umbrellas and dance routines to delightful harmonies and comperes, it was a treat. The snacks from the local bakery in the interval weren’t half bad either.

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A travel junkie working as an English teacher in South Korea.
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One Response to The Day of the Singing Contest

  1. Steve says:

    The raincoats are really funny!

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