The Day of Enterprise.

Selling Vegetables

Peppers for Sale

It is unfair to suggest that this post is about only a day of enterprise when it is in reality documenting an entire lifetime of enterprise. Street side entrepreneurs occupy markets, town centres and street corners. These senior, Korean businesswomen work every day of the week, selling fruit and vegetables, homemade dishes or snacks.

Initially some of the smaller stalls were a real source of amusement for us. We would walk by a stool with three peppers for sale or a mat with only two, small bowls of potatoes on display and chuckle to ourselves. We simply couldn’t understand why they bothered sitting out all day, rain or shine for such a small profit. Then we discovered how low the average pension pay out is for a senior citizen in Korea. Suddenly those sad, looking lettuce leaves began to lose their humour and really started to mean something more. Survival.

Candy Floss Stall


About Happily Lost

A travel junkie working as an English teacher in South Korea.
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4 Responses to The Day of Enterprise.

  1. Laura says:

    I feel so blessed that I have the option to retire and be financially stable. Worldwide people have the same problem and it’s saddening to see. As we get older we should all have the luxury of relaxing and looking back peacefully.

  2. ficklefolly says:

    I always imagine my grandmother having to sit on the street and sell vegetables like they do. I give them credit for having such amazing strength to just bear with it. They don’t depend on anyone to do it for them, they just take it in their own hands. They shouldn’t have to though. It’s a shame.

  3. Steve says:

    I can’t picture sitting out all day like that. It must be bad for you back, neck and legs too. I am blessed with my amazing sofa and posh office chair it seems.

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