The Day of the Rice Cake Fail

What’s the harm in a rice cake? Seemingly none. It is merely a Korean snack. More often that not I am partial to a rice cake or two.

Yet not all rice cakes can be considered harmless. In particular I am referring to the one that mysteriously appeared on my desk on the 7th of April. Blink and you’d miss the delivery. I did. By the time I opened and shut my desk drawer it was there. It was staring at me. Not wanting to act impolitely I unwrapped and took a bite of the rice cake. This was my first mistake. It was unlike any other rice cake I had ever eaten. The taste was strong, unidentifiable and nausea inducing.

This is the time when any sane individual would accept defeat and admit they did not like the snack. I did not. This was my second mistake. The rice cake that should have gone straight into the bin so I never had to look at it again was now in my desk drawer. I made an poor decision to hide my inability to finish the offensive item and I paid for it.

Two months later I was searching for a pen in my desk and instead I found my arch enemy, the rice cake from hell. Not only did it smell horrendous but I now had to subtly throw it away without anyone in my office spotting the dirty deed.


About Happily Lost

A travel junkie working as an English teacher in South Korea.
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1 Response to The Day of the Rice Cake Fail

  1. Anonymous says:

    It could have been could have been alive!

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