The Day We Bought Bicycles.

It should have been a simple task.

Go to the shop. Choose a bicycle. Buy a bicycle. Ride the bicycle.

This being ‘nowhere’ Korea and us being foreigners resulted in bike buying drama. The first shop I visited just shooed me away as if the bikes outside were just for show. Perhaps they are an elaborate cover up for a drug den. Alternatively it could just be break time.

The second shop seemed promising. There was a range of bikes, both new and second hand with prices firmly attached to the seats. They even had wheels and handlebars would you believe? A few days later we both went back to this shop and purchased our bicycles generously fitted with lights and baskets. Cycling off into the distance we felt on top of the world. We could do anything!

One week on all is not well on the bicycle front. One bicycles will not change gears.

Two weeks on the situation had worsened. One bicycle chain is getting stuck. Upon return to the shop an unhappy owner did a quick fix.

Three months on,one bicycle is a complete shambles with a loose pedal, gear issues and suspect brakes while the other squeaks like nothing else constantly.

These issues aside we love our bicycles and the sense of freedom they give us. We just might love a fully functioning one just a little bit more…


About Happily Lost

A travel junkie working as an English teacher in South Korea.
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2 Responses to The Day We Bought Bicycles.

  1. Anonymous says:

    What is the traffic like? Is bike riding fairly safe/easy in Korea? I really like the idea of buying a bike here in Taiwan but the traffic scares me.

    • Happily Lost says:

      The traffic can be challenging but overall it is ok. Patience is the key I’ve found! The fact you can cycle on the pavements and there are lots of cycle lanes helps too.

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